Name the t-shirt
In the books, Amalia and her friends wear custom tee's that say something zippy about the funny wines that the bistro serves, such as ​"Do you think I'm Sexy?" Sexy being a wine of course!  And Matt sure did think Amalia was sexy in it...

Can you come up with a t-shirt idea for the next book based on the name of a wine? If so I'd love to hear from you- let me know via the "contact" section below and even if you can't come up with a t-shirt slogan but come across a wine with a funny name, please share. It might end up in the next book.
Name that kill!
Do you have a great  idea for the next "kill" and want to share? Let me know and maybe I can work it into a future book.  Thanks to Anik Cyr, who's idea ended up sparking another idea which I used in Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar.
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